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Stephanie Ann Kinzel

1st Amendment Right: Socially Unacceptable

          A few days ago, I was awaiting an appointment at a health clinic; when a mother and young child came, checking in for their appointment. The child looked all of about 7 or 8-years old. The mother and I shared a brief hello, as she filled out paperwork for new patients. Suddenly, I heard a woman’s loud voice yelling and cursing. She seemed upset to say the least. The mother sitting with her young son, quickly put headphones in his ears so he could no longer be subjected to the sailor-like language which flowed from the mouth of the agitated woman. It was at this point, I made my stand –and, not quietly either.

          A Constitutionalist, I believe in the 1st Amendment Right. However, I do not believe it gives a person the Right to offend everyone around them. At what point does a person’s Right to Free Speech end? One is incitement. A person cannot use the 1st Amendment to incite violence. This woman’s cursing and yelling affected others around. And, it in fact incited violence within me! Children mimic what they see and hear –simple as that. It’s called conditioning. Conditioning is a huge part of a child’s personality and/or behavior. This is science –not my opinion.

          As I sat in angered silence, continuing to listen to the ranting of an adult incapable of controlling her emotions and mouth –the madder I became. It was at this point I became filter-less. Tapping the angered woman on her shoulder, I said this: “Excuse me, I know it’s none of my business but, when you’re in public, especially around children and aged folks, you should watch your foul language and emotions –you’re rude!” She gazed at me, as if to say, “It’s not your business!” I beg to differ!

          When you’re in public, in my presence, and you speak with disrespect for everyone around to hear, it becomes my business. Children are our future! Everyone complains about actions of our younger generation. Well, if you foul-mouthed Wankers would behave and act appropriately in front of them, be the example, they wouldn’t act in such ways! It takes a village to raise a child. However, it only takes one person to ruin one –to mentally damage a mind of innocence beyond repair. Minding your business is not the way to success –being part of the solution is.

          So, to all you Wankers who think you have the Right to say what you wish, when you wish. Make sure you’re not in arms-length of me! Because, the 1st Amendment protects you from the Government –not me! I’m good and tired of people who are only concerned with themselves –like the Universe revolves around them. I WILL use my 1st Amendment Right to inform you, you’re socially unacceptable, and should be prevented from speaking until you’re taught better! Or, a criminal fine should be imposed –it’s called, Dawn dishwashing liquid down the throat!


PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL IN PUBLIC! You sound like a low-life hooker who blows sailors for change!


Mandated Voting: Left Running Scared

Obama and the Liberal Left are now attacking our Right to vote or not. The President, using the term loosely, is now considering a ‘Mandate Vote Act’. This would mean, no matter the circumstance, every person eighteen and over must vote, or be held criminally responsible. This would certainly mean the downfall of America’s voting system. Which proves to be already troubled. This latest stunt proves, Obama’s lack of leadership, his turncoat attitude toward Israel, and his ‘hug-a-thug’ approach to ISIS has the Left-wingers worried about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. Democrats and Liberals know, we the People aren’t happy!

          Why else would the President suggest such lunacy, if not a political ploy? It’s certainly not common sense or logic. I’m not saying everyone’s stupid, but I am not saying everyone’s smart either! Most Americans aren’t aware of the political brinksmanship which is destroying this country from within. And, I speak of both immature Parties! Most voters unfortunately, vote using what I call the “60-second-smear” method. Meaning, many people vote using information can-fed to them through the media’s 60-second smear campaigns between favorite television shows.

          Why would anyone want an uninformed voter to vote? People who are made to vote are not going to educate themselves further just because, they “have” to vote. Moreover, most would just rebel and choose whatever –not even reading what or who’s up for vote. Why would any rational person want a voting system like this? A person or Party who knows, unless they do, they have no chance of winning the Presidency –that’s who! Obama’s actions, or lack thereof has sealed the Republican ticket to the Whitehouse.

          For anyone to suggest this sort of voting system will work, has a sever lack of cognitive ability. And, they certainly should not be running America or her Military! I find this yet, just another attempt by Socialist/Marxists to destroy America from within. 2016 must be the year of change for our Administration. If a change does not happen –I fear the worst. What we need to do is: get rid of the two-Party/ Electoral College bull crap, and make every person’s vote count on all state, local and national elections. Making every vote count is the only fair way of voting. No law or action should be taken without an individual voting election –“for the People, by the People”. And, those who don’t want to participate should not be penalized.


With so many religions practiced throughout the World, it’s hard to know who, if any, is right. There are Mormons, Lutherans, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and many other denominations. Then there are Atheists and Scientologists. What a conundrum of conflicted stories and theories! A person could go mad trying to decipher exactly what it takes to get to the Holy Land -Heaven per se. Or, if such a peaceful place exists.

          I’ve been asked many times what I believe when it comes to religion. Right then, I know a fight will ensue. I believe for the most part, people are natural born hypocrites. Judgmental bastards who wish to make others feel unworthy. Either we are not dressed appropriate, or, our racial/sexual preference differs. We drink way too much, or don’t go to church nearly enough. If you don’t give God 10% of your income, there will be Hell to pay! Do you do charity work? Well, it’s not enough, you better do more!

          If you believe in God, or intelligent design, Atheists say, you’re a delusional, Right-wing nut-job who thinks an imaginary friend will save you from certain doom and judgment. Christians suggest, Atheists don’t believe in God because, they don’t want to accept there will be consequences for their actions. All claim to possess love, compassion, understanding, common sense, and logic. All bidding for your following and fellowship. Is it possible for all to be a bit wrong, and a bit right? The possibilities are endless when examined with an opened mind.  

           I do believe in intelligent design. Plants and animals, including humans, are male and female; each made different and complex. Each having their own DNA sequence. A complex, complicated existence –matched by no other. Nature says, males and females mate to repopulate. This belief has nothing to do with religion, or lack thereof.  Anything else does not make cognitive sense. However, “Judge Thee Less Thee Be Judged”. Your sex life is not my concern.

          Personally, I could care less who you love, or what God you serve –if any. We are given agency for a reason. I condemn only those cultures which are extreme or abusive in nature. Committing atrocities in the name of religion, or lack thereof. Any religion which requires one to kill in the name of God, Jesus, Satan, or Allah is a religion of Evil.  An agenda brainwashing cult. If I kill someone, it’s due to their actions. Because they tried to harm me or mine. Not because of my belief in God! A murderer minus religion is, still a murderer; only without faith of forgiveness.

If you raise your children to respect themselves and others, too treat others how they wish to be treated, affording everyone the same inherent Rights, then, I could care less under what belief system you do it. If your child does not lie, cheat, steal, rape, molest, deal drugs, or kill –then you’ve done well. Under what faith you teach is your Right –and consequence. Conditioning starts at home. I condemn any village who turns their back on their future –the children of today –of tomorrow.  Pointing out differences separates, dividing the village. A divided community cannot, and, will not thrive. Whether the split is religious in nature or not! Being an individual is not a sin –it’s an honor. Let our differences unite us –not divide us!

 In contrast, a village must wield tough justice for those who are evil by heart. It must condemn victimization via harsh punishment. This is not religion; it’s behavioral science. Those who smite justice, and hurt others –so, shall they pay. If a community has one thief, it has many. A productive village is a foundation of trustworthiness, selflessness, and togetherness. And so, together we must work to protect what is right, and banish those which mean harm. This concept is not theology or ideology, it is common sense.

What’s my religion? Common sense!



Standing Up Against ISIS

As an American, a person, a human being I stand against ISIS, and against extreme Islamists!  I stand with Jordan, Japan, and all other nations dealing with the atrocities of ISIS. I condemn ISIS for their actions, and call for the death of all ISIS members!  This last display of the barbaric burning of a Jordanian pilot will mean the end of ISIS. They have hung themselves with a rhetoric rope. The world will not, cannot stand for this type of war crime. And, I see the world cringing over the terror ; loading the streets demanding revenge. ISIS is on borrowed time.

However, I believe Obama has once again dropped the ball when it comes to leading this country and the fight against this cancer named ISIS. His lack of action speaks of what kind of American he is not! He’s no leader. He’s an enabler. I condemn his lack of actions, and call for his resignation NOW! The world needs a leader! A person who will take all measures to make sure this group of barbaric thugs are eradicated!  

Additionally, I call for the immediate control of our borders. Any Congress person, or leader who does not take same stance will NEVER get my vote! I’m ashamed of my administration to say the least!

Technology: A Vast Wasteland?

          00000001Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, technology held different mediums. Television, newspaper, and radio was mainstream media. Only the elite owned computers. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, Chips, and the Andy Griffith Show were big hits.  Radio was the avenue to stardom in the music industry. Game Halls with jukeboxes, pool tables, and game machines were number one hangouts for all ages. Oh, how I long for those days! However, the days of ‘family’ television and entertainment is that of the past. No more Black & White’s; no more vinyl records.

          No. Today we have, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, and the Walking Dead. Disgusting at best! Instead of records, we have IPods, smart phones, and YouTube. A whole network of so called reality –which is, far from reality! The F-word is normal for late night TV. All other curse words are fair game all day. Sexual situations are blatant; sex education via sitcom. Even today’s cartoons are foul in nature; filled with situational ethics. It seems, there is no right and wrong –only grey areas.

          Yet, banishing television would barely put a dent in said issue; especially when, the internet is full of input. Look up ‘cupcake’ on Google, see what pops up! Nothing is sacred in the world of cyberspace. The internet is full of perverts, hackers, and criminals of all types. Yet, we let our children walk alone, down the dark halls of illusion called Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, and, MySpace. All a cesspool of anonymous strangers, who are undoubtedly not who they say. Haven’t we always taught children “Don’t talk to strangers”?

          However, strangers lurk around every fiber optic corner. Waiting, watching, playing games with your family. Online gaming has taken the place of pinball machines and Donkey Kong. Games such as Second Life, World of War Craft, and Pot Farm have commandeered the gaming world. In addition too, role-playing war games for multi-players. Gamers can meet other avid gamers –competing to death. For the mentally ill, this can become their reality.

          So, what do we do in this catch 22 ‘technology’ era? With the First Amendment Right at risk, it’s impossible to say “Someone cannot express oneself”. However, at some point, other people’s Rights infringe on mine. At what point do we say, some things are NOT okay? Expression and subjection ride a fine line. I, we, should not be subjected to rude, crude, expressions which, degrade the values of society; along with the attitudes of our young. Respect is a minority in cyberspace. But, is technology really a vast wasteland? Not worth salvage? No. Like any technology, it’s all how you use it! It’s how we educate people about cybercrime. It’s all about security.

      Below is the solution to this conundrum:

There’s an off/on button you’re in control of! That button is your Right to Freedom of Expression –and, an end to unwanted Freedom of Expression.

Woman Commits Suicide After No Help From Doctors

A friend called on me this morning to inform me her sister had committed suicide after suffering from withdrawal from Lorazepam. Her husband, who video taped her withdrawals, found her shortly after this was posted on YouTube. I was asked by the family to honor her wish, of warning others, by posting, and sharing this video. I ask, would you please watch and share. It’s heartbreaking to endure. However, this subject must be addressed. Many people across the world suffer this same fate. We must change the system.

Patty had only been taking Lorazepam for three months. This video was her 18th day of cold turkey withdrawal. Her family called the doctor and emergency room for help with no avail. Patty, a recent cancer survivor, stabbed herself within hours of her videos being posted (there are two). Her husband started videoing her at her request; when she could not get professionals to help. Please, please….let’s stop this insanity!!!!!

I have permission, and have been requested by Patties family to post this video. Please share and discuss.

Torture for Torture!

As the Sun rises on this the 9th of December 2014, C-SPAN is squawking about the release of American torture tactics. The question asked, “Should the Administration release American torture tactic Report”? Many callers of the show, American Voters, hold a split decision; some agree strongly for US torture, many stalwartly disagree with such barbaric tactics. Most Republicans are for torture, not releasing American torture records. Democrats lean more toward the release of torture information, and strongly disagree with torture tactics of any type.

Since the beginning of Government, information, especially war strategic information, has been kept quiet from We the People (need-to-know basis). If we had half the knowledge of Our Government’s actions, D.C would function differently –holding an incongruent Body. The American Government must lie to us. Because, most of us would not tolerate such tyranny and turn-coat traitors! In latter days, such a Benedict Arnold would be hung.

Torture has always been a War tactic. Since the beginning of man –torture has been a popular choice of gathering information. Look how ISIS is using their War Horses. Furthermore, Iraq and other countries frequently use barbaric torture tactics. The Muslim Brotherhood, who the U.S not only trained, but also provided Arms too; now use these Arms and tactics against us! Heads of Americans have actually started to roll. Like it or not –WW3 is starting to wind up, and, it will be brought to American soil this time. America already has Al-Qaida training camps, luring in home-grown turn-coats. Hagel didn’t resign because he approved of Obama’s plans, or lack thereof!

America will be attacked from the inside, at the same moment our Borders will be invaded. Anyone with a salt of political/war knowledge, has to have slowly noticed how our own Administration has set us up to fail. They have financially crippled our Military; spread us so thin, protecting America in a moment’s notice is unlikely. America is open to attack at this very moment. In fact, we are being attacked right at this moment. American hostages are being kidnapped and beheaded. Our Government doing virtually nothing.

Release the report, or not; I don’t care! I just wish Congress would do something to protect us –the American People. At the very least, as much as they do for other countries! Additionally, we should protect ourselves first; kind of like an oxygen mask on an airplane –you have to take care of yourself in order to be strong enough to help others. America needs to protect Her Charges, swiftly deal with Our Foes. Hell, one better – bring our military home to secure the US -let the others fight it out –then, we’ll deal with who’s left. I don’t have an issue playing by their rules! Hope they can take as much as they dish out!

Torture for Torture!!!!!!!

Sometimes one must sink to another’s level to be understood!

Ferguson: Lost Message with a Side of Disrespect

Just as the lost Occupy movement, the message of Michael Brown has gone adrift; dished up with a side of disrespect to the Brown and Wilson families. The protesters insist they are protecting minorities and their communities. Yet, they burn and plunder them. This is another attempt by the Left to incite minorities, all to make it look as if ‘Whitey’ is back to the KKK movement: Race-baiting. Reality check: It’s not a person’s color which causes such horrible things; it is bad choices which dictates your fate. Brown was wearing a gang vest in every image shown of Brown. Anyone notice that? Did the media, or others mention the gang-signs in certain photos on Brown’s Facebook Page? No!

The media acerbated the situation by replaying the story all day –all over the nation. “Indictment will come later, indictment will be announced after 5 p.m.” They continuously showed pictures, videos, and social site posts, all taken aim at Officer Wilson. No one heard the Grand Jury Report, the facts, before every minority was taking Brown’s side. If you believe media and social sites, you’re in need of help and education. Read the Grand Jury Report before you witch-hunt an officer who protected himself and others.

Additionally, Michael Brown had a criminal record. Known to be a thug. These protesters have no idea what really happened. Brown attacked Officer Wilson –grabbing for his gun –hitting him about the head (while still in his seatbelt). If Brown behaved in such a manner toward me–I’d shot him too! We have to stop pampering criminals: Deliver tougher penalties for crimes. This horrible event was caused by Brown –not Wilson. Our police officers should not have to hide, or be removed from duty until chargers are proven or disproven. They do their job; what they’re trained to do. However, our back-ass-ward, situational Ethics society believes police are the problem.

 Every city in the Nation held some kind of protest in Brown’s name –many were arrested. Why?  Fighting a fight they have no dog in. Most protesters have no clue what really happened that night, or proper direction for their Cause.

       If a black Officer shot a white man, would such chaos and protesting up rise? Of course not. Yet, a colored boy is killed, suddenly it’s racist –uncalled for –a murder. Would the minorities feel the same if it were a white person? No! This tells us, the racism is deep-seated in the minority community; not the white community. Would Al Sharpened or Rev. Jesse Jackson show to be an activist for a fallen white young person? They haven’t yet!

        Protesters are approaching their plight all wrong. The people they show their signs to, ones who honk while driving by, there’s nothing they can do. These protesters need to go to the Council (City, Governor, and Senator). It’s the Law Makers and Government who must fix these kinds of issues. And, good luck with that! Hell, Obama struggled to conjure up a simple sympathy look. Guess it wasn’t on his teleprompter!

       Long story short, no matter your color, if you’re a criminal, be prepared to pay for the consequences! If you run, you’ll get caught. If you pull out a gun, you’ll get shot, if you fight the law –the law will win –no matter color. What would the world be without police? A lawless, aimless, drugged society –which rob, rape, and slaughter their own. Is that what we want? Not me! I believe in peaceful protests. However, I’ve yet to see one. Even the Great Depression was violent. If a troubled ingrate enters the protest, it’s the organizers who should have them removed. Even Brown’s father begged for peace. But, y’all couldn’t give him the respect he requested. Not to mention, the disrespect which was given too Officer Wilson’s family!


Let the families grieve in peace please

Both of them!!!!!!!





Child Rape =

Child Rape =
Federal Charges, Minimum 25-Year Sentence, No Statute of Limitiations
Current Child-Rape cases are delt with by the state the rape happens in. This is unacceptable!
I Petition This:
⦁ Any offender caught having sexual contact (including images, videos i.e. internet communication)shall face Federal Charges. This includes children 17 and under.
⦁ A minimum 25-year sentence: Hard Labor (first offense) for the rape of a child under the age of 17. Automatic life for the rape of a child under the age of 12. No parole! No Statute of Limitations!
⦁ Additional Laws apply: Nationwide Registry (No Tollerance). Offenders are NEVER allowed to live in the same dwelling with children again. A sign must be posted on the door of the rapist to warn off other children. As well as a Nationwide Website including all who are convicted, and wanted for sex offenses.
⦁ Woman with children are, subject to Federal Prosecution if they knowingly reside with a pedifile -or, knowingly let one around their child.
The reason for this petition is, a child who is raped moves to other states; which each state the victim lives in, pays the cost. We pay socially, tax money, programs and mental services, young parents who will raise their own the same. Each child who is raped affects every American in some manner; this makes it Federal, not State!
If I get enough signatures, I will personally take this to Washington D.C. -ASAP!
Let the children suffer no more!

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